Freeholder Caren Fitzpatrick refuses to debate; Other Democrats to follow her lead?

August 17, 2020

Contact: John Lyons
[email protected]

Somers Point, NJ – Democratic Freeholder candidate Caren Fitzpatrick refused to debate Republican challenger James Toto, in response to a direct question during the July 29th episode of “Off the Press with Scott Cronick”.

Scott Cronick, following in the footsteps of his predecessor and mentor Pinky Kravitz, agreed to moderate a debate using the Lincoln-Douglas format. “Off the Press with Scott Cronick” is the preeminent afternoon drive time local talk show that succeeded “Pinkys Corner” a radio program that over a half of a century served as the premier forum of debate in Atlantic County. 

“It just goes to show my opponent’s inability to lead and listen. Communication is a two way street. Caren and her running mates obviously don’t want to hear what their constituents have to say.” Toto said.  Toto went on to add “I’m happy to talk about my record.  I served my country in the United States Army, and after our country was attacked I became a Federal Air Marshall a few short months after September 11th.  After retiring from the Air Marshal service I was elected to Council in Somers Point where I work every day to make my community a better place. After we win in November, I’ll take those skills to the Freeholder Board and continue the good work Republicans have been doing in Atlantic County for decades.” Toto said.

 Freeholder John Risley who is also seeking re-election to the Atlantic County Freeholder Board shared his thoughts on the issue of debating during this year’s election.  “With COVID-19 our ability to interact with voters and make traditional contacts is limited. Discussion and organized debate is more important now than ever before.  I’m surprised that Caren Fitzpatrick would not want to talk about the good work Republicans are doing on the Freeholder board.” Risley said.

Moving on from the issue of debates both John Risley and James Toto are in the midst of launching a well resourced campaign aimed at voters across Atlantic County.   “Under Republican leadership Atlantic County is the best run county in New Jersey. With your support this November, I’ll be re-elected and we’ll add James Toto to the board and reach even greater heights.” Risley said.

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