Statement from Somers Point Councilman / Atlantic County Freeholder Candidate James Toto

June 3, 2020

During my time serving in the military and as a federal air Marshall I exercised restraint in the most difficult of circumstances. As I watch our communities be destroyed, especially places like Atlantic City, I pray that we can gather as a community in peace and find the restraint needed to make the sounds of injustice heard. Violence and destruction are not the way. 

We are all children of God who deserve a world filled with hope and opportunity. But we need to come together to work with each other to make change, reality. 

I pray for George Floyd and his family.  I pray for those across America who can’t open their hearts to love each other.  I pray for my brothers and sisters in law enforcement and the military who work everyday to keep us safe.  Finally, I pray for all of us to have the vision to see injustice in our world and end it. 

The only way forward is TOGETHER.

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