Atlantic County Young Republicans 

In June 2018, the Atlantic County Republican Committee voted to charter a Young Republican (YR) organization within the county. The mission for the the Atlantic County Young Republicans (ACYR) is to focus on attracting millennial voters to grow bigger Republican coalitions for future elections.

The best way to engage millennials is early on, as they care about the direction of our country, want continued economic growth, and their own opportunity for the American Dream. We encourage all high school students, college students, and young professionals to engage in the political process.

New Jersey is a dark, deep blue state, that has wreaked havoc on the futures of young voters in the state. But in Atlantic County, there’s over eight thousand registered Republicans under 40 that can defy the past and change the future; we need to unite with a common vision. We know that #TimeIsOurStrength. Let’s unleash it.

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